Spanish people can be cool too!


I love it.

I think everybody who knows me knows that. One of the things I was truly dreading about coming to Spain was being away from the music I liked. I expected to hear nothing but Spanish language music and the occasional mainstream international chart success.

That’s why Vogue surprised me. We only went in cuz one of our group needed a rest stop on the way back to our apartment but when I saw the sign on entering:

Sala 1: Indie, 70s, 80s, 90s, Rock

Sala 2: Electro

my heart skipped a beat. If you had asked me a week ago what I expected to hear in a club in Granada my answer would not have been “Trash” by The Whip. Vogue was a very welcome surprise.

To commemorate this joyous occasion I’ve made another mixtape.

Feast your ears on “Pomegranates and grenades”:

1. Lady GaGa – Beautiful, Dirty, Rich
2. MGMT – Kids (Soulwax remix)
3. Hilary Duff – Reach Out [Bermudez & Chico Radio Mix]
4. Rex The Dog – Circulate
5. Charli XCX – !Franchesckaar! (Lil’d Lucky Boy Re-Mix)
6. The Count & Sinden – Hardcore Girls feat. Rye Rye
7. Crystal Castles/HEALTH – Crimewave (Sinden Remix)
8. Immuzikation – Fortisphere (Immuzikation Blend)
9. Basement Jaxx – War
10. Björk – Innocence (Simian Mobile Disco 12″ Remix)
11. LOO & PLACIDO – Toop Toop Groove



I’m currently rocking out to….

Annie’s Song Reminds Me Of You


John Legend feat. Andre 3000 – Green Light (MSTRKRFT remix)


Justice’s Planisphère
(download courtesy of Asian Dan)


KYLIEX2008 – Live in London


Headman‘s album Catch Me
Here’s the track “New“:


New Kids On The Block‘s new album “The Block”
Here’s the Lady Gaga collab:


Róisín Murphy’s Slave To Love


Christina Aguilera’s Keeps Getting Better
She is ROCKING the electro sound!!

Lady GaGa is psychotic synchypnotic

Mark my words.

She’s gonna be big.

Picture a mix of Gwen Stefani, Ashlee Simpson’s latest album, elements of Kat Deluna (RedOne produced for both) and Róisín Murphy’s quirky style and you’ve got La Gaga.

Below is a short film/album preview/YouTube gold:

Here’s the So You Think You Can Dance performance of the first single (Universal Music won’t allow embedding of the music video).  So good to hear someone actually sing live on one of these shows:

Oh and on top of all that, a quote from the Lady herself:

I was working with Rodney Jerkins on Pussycat Dolls, and we wrote this song – I almost slipped and told you the name. Thank God I caught myself; I respect her a lot, so I was to give her control over that. When we were done with the song, I was like, “Oh, I want to sing it,” but my album was already closed. It never even crossed my mind that she was doing a new record. Then Rodney played it for [Britney’s manager] Larry Rudolph, who was in the studio. Rodney called me later and was like, “Britney’s people are freaking out about this song.” Ultimately, she makes the decisions, so when I found out that she loved it and was going to record it, it was amazing. I actually heard it yesterday with her on it for the first time, and I really had chills.

and an extract from her website:

In response to the flood of comments ive received re: britney due to my radio interview. yes. rumors are true. i wrote TWO songs on it :). And no i will never tell you the names, buy her album and find me in the credits. And her comeback is going to make you all pee yours pants and wish you never posted those dumbass utube videos. Because really, what is more rockn’roll than going on stage under the influence in your panties. Nothing! Absolutely nothing. And yes im partial because, i used to do that. Love love love you B.

My excitement actually knows no bounds…

The betch is back

Good news! Phoebe Muckian is home!!

The Queen of Style

The Queen of Style

To celebrate the return of our good Ms. Muckian to green soil, I have made a mixtape.
Entitled “wtf bbz ur sxc” it’s an eclectic mix of tunes that ‘Andrew’ would burn onto a CD to give to Phoebe for Valentine’s Day.
The tracklisting is:
1. The Black Ghosts – Face (Switch Remix)
2. Kidcobra – Daft Punk Is Playing At My Divine Gosa
3. Basement Jaxx – I’m From New York feat. Cyndi Lauper
4. Cut Copy – Hearts On Fire (Midnight Juggernauts Remix)
5. Lady GaGa – Just Dance feat. Colby O’Donis and Akon
6. Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band – A Fifth of Beethoven (Hidden Cat’s “Based on the Soulwax” Edit)
7. Interjekt – RainSlow Man
8. Titus Jones – Break The Teen Spirit
9. The Black Ghosts – Any Way You Choose To Give It (Fake Blood mix)
10. Lismore – More
11. Frankmusik – Confusion Girl
12. Theatre of Disco – YOA (The Twelves Remix)
13. Justice – DVNO
14. Daft Punk – Human After All (SebastiAn Remix)
15. Daft Punk – Aerodynamic (Johnatron Remix)
16. Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Tough Guys)

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