Every bird needs to fly the nest

and to do so, they need an appropriate soundtrack.

Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway (from the album “Breakaway”)


Taio Cruz – Fly Away (from the album “Departure”)


Nicole Kidman – One Day I’ll Fly Away [Tony Phillips Remix] (from the album “Moulin Rouge! Music from Baz Luhrmann’s Film, Vol. 2”)


Madonna – Miles Away (from the album “Hard Candy”)


Goldfrapp – Fly Me Away (from the album “Supernature”)


Lenny Kravitz – Fly Away (from the album “5”)


I’m leaving for Granada at 7:30am on Tuesday. It still hasn’t fully registered. Once I start packing though… which I really should get around to starting.


Frankie says relax

If this doesn’t help you get to sleep tonight:

Maybe these will:

Rogue Wave – Eyes [from the single “Publish My Love”]

Goldfrapp – Road To Somewhere [from the album “Seventh Tree”]

Nada Surf – Your Legs Grow (early version) [from the compilation album “Future Soundtrack for America”]

Ashlee Simpson – Never Dream Alone [from the album “Bittersweet World”]

Kelli Ali – Wings In Motion [from the album “Tigermouth”]