Hypothetical situation #28


So I’m probably writing this cuz the paracetamol I’ve taken for “symptom control” of my current viral infection have left me feeling a little woop woop woop woop woop


I was thinking, if I was to ever find myself in a zombie movie, I’d totally be the character who gets eaten alive by his best-friend-turned-zombie. I suppose that’s my weird way of saying I’ve recently become aware of just how awesome my friends and family are and how much they mean to me and how no matter what, whether live or reanimated dead, I could never “destroy the brain” of a single one of them.

I have got to stop watching zombie movies.

I would recommend “REC”, Channel 4’s mini-series “Dead Set”, George A Romero’s “Trilogy of the Dead” and for pure comedic value “Flight of the Living Dead”