I have made it to Melbourne.

I am a very bad blogger and i apologise.

once i get my laptop i will also be able to contribute.

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McIver…. circa 1939

The Secret Drawer

* 3 June 1939 *
At The Greybeard Light

“That boy,” Emily McIver said to herself, “is the most unreliable boy in all of England!”

“Where is that child?” she added, half aloud, for at least the tenth time since he’d missed his supper. “Honestly!”

Worriedly brushing s tray wisp of honey-colored hair back from her brow, she pressed her nose once more against the steamy kitchen window. Masses of purple clouds had been gathering in the west for the last hour and now heavy drops of rain were spattering hard against the glass. First real storms of the summer, she thought, plunging her hands into the hot soapy water, pulling out another supper plate. It looked a blow and of course her son was right out there in the think of it, as usual. Missed his supper again. Soaked to the skin. Chilled to the bone in the bargain.

Emily tried to push her rising worried over her only son down to a place where she could control them. Only a little wind, wasn’t it? He’d certainly come through worse, hadn’t he? Had his oilskins on, hadn’t he? Oh my, look at that lightning! Heat lightning. Summer lightning.

To continue reading: http://www.nickoftimebook.com/chapter_two.html

She’s leaving home…

Last night was Emily’s going away party. Her last big send off. The big farewell. Great turn out. Great crowd. A lot of emotions.

Emily’s going away speech

We all headed to Crawdaddy’s from Emily’s house and I can honestly say I’ve never had a more-talky-less-dancey night out in my life. But I loved it. It totally sounds like I’m getting old before my time but it really was great just chatting and catching up with people.

Unsurprisingly emotions were high and the tears were flowing for a lot of people but, heartless as it may have looked on my part, my eyes stayed dry all night. I suppose it still hasn’t hit home for me yet. I know I’lll be seeing Emily again before she goes but I still can’t seem to fully grasp the fact that we only have about 3 days left before I don’t see her for a year.

I’m not the type that can say we’ll be in touch via the interwebs the whole time and that acts as a satisfactory substitute because virtual contact simply doesn’t have the same genuity as real life. Having said that I am so grateful that I live in an age where one can make an international video phonecall to the other side of the world for free and I’m so glad that I’ll be able to stay in contact with Emily on the other side of the world, my college mates scattered across Europe and my friends from home while I’m in Granada.

As Shane said to me last night, Emily’s leaving isn’t going to hit me until she’s gone. Expect the emotional vlog when it hits me for realz.

Here’s to the precious last few days.

We'll Miss You Emily

We'll Miss You Emily

And so it begins….

Here it is.

The beginning of a new adventure.

[Shiny Toy Guns – Starts With One (Young Americans Remix)]

Speaking of adventures I thought it’d be wise to start this off with something both Emily and I love:

Charlie’s first adventure

and Charlie’s second adventure

So for the uninformed few out there who’ve ended up on this blog, Emily’s off to Melbourne on July 13th and I’m off to Granada on September 16th. If you’re from or around those parts hit us up. I suppose I should really be writing, si estés de la región de Andalucia, búscame!