Dangerous Muse and I are toit

So as the never ending wait for Dangerous Muse’s debut album continues, I decided what better way to find out its progress than contact them directly.  I also thought seeing as they haven’t updated their myspace in weeks the likelihood of getting a reply is slim.

Cut to 12 and a half hours later:

We are finishing this album by next week. As soon as we have a release date, we will blast it everywhere! Thanks for your message and your love 🙂


To hear their choons check out this site here

And here’s a few pics of them being super cool


That is SOOOOO gay

It really pisses me off when people use that phrase.
The biggest irony is that the vast majority of people who use the phrase claim not to be homophobic.
But they’re using it in the context of expressing dislike about something.
So you don’t have a problem with gay people but you use the word gay to say something’s shit?!

People confuse me.

So here’s a selection of songs that may justifiably be called gay complete with reasons:

Madonna – Get Together (Anders Bagge & Peer Åström Demo)
(gay cuz it’s Madonna)

Dangerous Muse – Secret ( Live at NewNowNext Awards 2008 )
(gay cuz Dangerous Muse are a fave in the gay media – cover stars of The Advocate, Logo’s NewNowNext Awards performers, etc)

Cyndi Lauper – Into The Nightlife (from the album Bring Ya To The Brink)
(gay cuz Cyndi Lauper is a big time gay rights activist and performed this on a Luke-and-Noah-tastic Oakdale Pride episode of As The World Turns)

Heloise & The Savoir Faire – Odyle (from the album Trash, Rats & Microphones)
(gay cuz they were nominated for Logo’s NewNowNext ‘Brink of Fame: Song’ award)

Cyndi Lauper & Basement Jaxx – I’m From New York
(gay cuz it’s Cyndi Lauper once again and Basement Jaxx make choons that get the gays dancing!)