The word is Fascination

They’re one of those bands everyone seems to either love or hate. There’s no “in the middle” or “kind of undecided” with them.

But I love them. I think they’re fun, poppy and they don’t put up a pretentious façade to try to be cool to get people to like them. They’re pure, carefree entertainment. There really isn’t enough of that in the music industry nowadays. Like I’m not gonna try and pretend that I don’t like certain bands who put on the whole “we’re the shit” act but it’s great to see a band that are basically giving the finger to that whole attitude.

They played Whelan’s Tuesday last (15 July 08). And it was




I’ve never seen a band with so much energy. Actually a lot of that energy can be attributed to the very cute Anders SG:

I went with the wonderful Sarah:

Alphabeating each other up

Alphabeating each other up

and I managed to record a couple of the songs which can all be viewed after the jump or by clicking on the link to my Youtube channel over there →

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