Save the Clones!!!

A couple of years ago a TV show was taken off the air for an “offensive” portrayal of Ghandi. It was one of the greatest TV shows ever made.

It’s time to Save Clone High bring Clone High back from the dead

Save Clone High, a petition website


She’s back, bitch

Jump forward to 2 minutes and ignore Tim Cash embarrassing himself with Paris and Benjy

She may have messed up the word anniversary but I still love her

Things that are funny – old people shouting “Sex tapes, SEX TAPES!!!”

omg lol rofl and any other statements that express extreme hilarity.

God I hate The Hills…
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Did I mention that I really enjoy Muppets themed humour??

Unfortunately I can’t embed this so click on the link below to have a gander.

Fuck the Pain Away sung by Miss Piggy

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Possibly the greatest promotional video ever made

Feist is set to appear on the 39th season premiere of Sesame Street on August 11th in the States.

Feist + Elmo.  wow.  whoever thought that up should get an emmy.

Let’s Go To The Mall, Everybody!!!!

Lord knows how I didn’t discover How I Met Your Mother any earlier than I did. Oh wait that’s right BBC showed it for a short while before giving up on it and it’s only shown on Trouble now, which I don’t have. Also can’t understand why none of the Irish channels picked it up. I’d expect it to be a total TG4 success story a la The OC or What I Like About You. Annnnnyway I’ve been catching up with it online and for me the best moments in the series have been the Robin Sparkles appearances. It’s like the direction That 80’s Show would have gone if they’d had a higher production budget. But sadly That 80’s Show died a 13 episode death (unlucky much??). In my view most of the best shows only ever last one season:

  • Opposite Sex (which starred Milo Ventimiglia [Heroes], Chris Evans [The Fantastic Four] and Allison Mack [Smallville] !)

first part of episode 1

highlights of episode 1

Luckily, however, How I Met Your Mother hasn’t fallen into that trap and 3 seasons in, it’s still going strong.

As I said – Robin Sparkles is the highlight for me so I’m gonna leave you with some gold….

Robin Sparkles – Sandcastles In The Sand

Robin Sparkles – Let’s Go To The Mall