Landan in a day

It was an ambitious adventure.

Work from 9 to 5 on the Wednesday

Fly out to London at 8am on the Thursday.
Return home at 10:30pm.

Work from 9 to 5 on the Friday followed by after work drinks which went on til the wee hours.

But we did it.

And all in the name of this:


I think we looked fairly well at 7:45 in the mornin:

Got the very cheap day return train from Gatwick to Victoria, whipped out the Oyster cards like we were local and made our way to Regent Street to get my “lèche-vitrine” on. Actually there was less “lèche-vitrine” and more “frapper à toute volée ma carte de crédit”.

It started with my first Abercrombie & Fitch store experience.
Who would’ve ever thought that an entrance like this…
…would lead to a store like this:

My goal was to replace my recently depleted Abercrombie Fierce. Most of you should know my stance on Abercrombie at this stage. I am not a fan. I wear the fragrance cuz it smells good but I can’t stand the clothes and the reputation that goes with them, especially amongst people from Ireland. The stores on the other hand are an experience that everyone should try at least once. From the pounding music, to the incredibly hot staff, to the terrible lighting, to the INCREDIBLY hot staff, to the historic building, to the jaw on your floor eye wateringly beautiful staff. Despite their flirtatious sales tactics I managed to get out carrying the one item I set out for and only minor credit card damage (“only minor” my ass – I paid £50 for a fragrance that costs $49.50 in America).

After a stop off in the Apple Store in Regent St to get Shane his new nano, a browse through H&M that resulted in a t-shirt and 3-quarter lengths purchase, a wander through Hamley’s to pick up a gargantuan self-filled pixie stick which Ais and I got very hyper off (photo evidence below) and a lunch break in McDonald’s on Oxford Street, we were ready to make our way to the Hammersmith Apollo.

The tube journey over it became clear we were heading in the right direction. Kids seemed to randomly pop up in Wildcats cheerleading outfits or basketball singlets. You could hear songs from the movie being sung or hummed from all around – no wait that was Aisling… There was a number of older women at least 3 times our age who were in attendance but they were bringing grandkids. Ais and I were by far the oldest people there of our own free will. And screw it. We were there to have fun. And that we did.
We started pumping ourselves up on the pixie stick:

The results were quite strong:

But then the curtain fell and the months of waiting had finally come to an end. This stood before our eyes:

It was 2 hours and 10 minutes of high voltage fun and a load of annoying kids in the audience who were really not appreciating what lay before them. Worth it? Oh yes.

The obligatory promotional merchandise for HSM3 lay around the place and Ais and I got a photo with the cast. Who were there. In person.

Zac had recently got surgery on his neck.  That's a scar, not a rip.

Lucas Grabeel is like so shiny.

We had a short bit of time before we had to head back to the airport so we ventured to Selfridges. On the way there was the obligatory Disney Store stop off (we had just seen High School Musical On Stage in fairness!) much to Ais’ delight.

Ais the Pooh

Ais the Pooh

After dragging Ais out of the Disney store, convincing her that she doesn’t need a Beauty and the Beast or a Little Mermaid tiara we continued on down to Selfridges.

Wow. It makes Brown Thomas look like Penneys. Everything’s so well organised and pretty and…

[David trails off into dream-like state]

I was on a mission to pick up a pair of aussieBum swimwear. After a long and gruelling decision making process (and trying them on in the fitting room and LOVING them) I found these (not actually modelled by me as hard as you may find it to believe and I got them in red):

AussieBum swimwear on model

aussieBum swimwear on model

The pair that I bought

The pair that I bought

Thank God Speedos were the done thing in Greece (more on that later – Greece that is, not Speedo wearing). Imagine arriving to an Irish swimming pool in those!
After longingly wandering through Selfridge’s and finding something new to lust after around every corner we made our way back to the airport and returned home before the clock struck twelve.