A crash course in Auspainia vocabulary

It dawned on me that occasionally Emily or I may use a word (or several) that makes sense to us but means nothing to you. So posts categorised as “lexicon” will aid in unravelling your confusion.

The following may appear in posts from time to time:

  • fencely
    pronunciation: \ˈfen(t)s-lē\
    etymology: South Dublin English
    date: on the way out of Barcode, Clontarf on a night out some time during the 2006-2007 college year
    definition: derived from the phrase “immense as a fence”. In South Dublin speak immense is used to positively describe something (“That’s immense!”). Fencely is a more economic way of saying “as a fence” given that if something was to be described as being like a fence it would be fencely.
  • fabmazeo
    pronunciation: \ˈfab-ˈmāz(ˈ\
    etymology: South Dublin English
    date: unknown (?)
    definition: an abbreviated amalgam of the words fabulous and amazing