I should REALLY start packing

Had a look at the countdown timer on the right –>

I have less than 15 hours.

But I STILL don’t feel like I’m going away.

I haven’t got upset once when saying goodbye to anyone.

I haven’t had any moments of serious nostalgia.

It’s like I’m totally emotionally detached from the experience. I suppose the main reason why is that I have no idea what I’m getting into. I can’t remember my last visit to Granada for the life of me and that makes it difficult for me to imagine living there. How can I picture myself living in a place that I can’t picture at all?!

The fact that we haven’t yet got our accommodation for the year also has me a little bit disbelieving about the whole thing. I can’t picture where we’ll be living cuz we haven’t got a place to live!!

I spent a few weeks in the summer of 2007 living in Alcala de Henares while going to a language school over there and in theory that should have braced me for the idea of living in Spain but this time

  • I’m going with Niamh, Jess and Naomi, not alone
  • I’m going to college, not a language school
  • I’m going for 9 months, not 3 weeks

It’s going to be a totally different experience and I gotta say I’m looking forward to it but I don’t know if I’ve mentally prepared myself for it.

What’s more, I’ve come to realise over the past few weeks, I’ve never had as big a transition as this when it comes to education. I started off my schooling in Our Lady’s Primary School (RIP) which I would’ve been familiar with from the time I was in nappies, given my mom taught in the secondary school, and I would’ve been introduced to the likes of Claire Harrington, given her mother taught with mine, before I even started there. From there I moved to Terenure College Junior School alongside the 5 other guys who were in OLS Primary with me. 5 years there and both classes of the junior school moved up to the senior school. 6 more years in Terenure and my time in UCD began. By pure chance I chose a course which 5 other guys from my year chose to do as well as 2 girls from Our Lady’s (the aforementioned Claire being one of them!) and then was the numerous friend of friend connections to people on the course.

That’s what makes Granada so different. I’m moving to a new city with no connections to anyone in the city with only 3 other people. It’s a totally fresh start. Something you don’t get in the small town surroundings of Ireland where it’s more 3 degrees of seperation than 6. And that definitely has me excited.  Dublin, especially over the past few months, has become painfully repetitive for me.  This is a great opportuninty to experience something new.  Something I haven’t done for quite a while.

Who ever said different was bad? Here’s to a radically different year.