A very mature weekend…….

Last Friday (October 10th) I made the journey from Granada up to Salamanca. Niamh had generously invited myself and Hughie to crash at her place for the weekend while we party it up in the frog obsessed city (more on that later).

This is what my journey looked like (you may have to zoom out to see the full route):

Doesn’t look too bad but given that Spain is OVER 6 TIMES THE SIZE OF IRELAND it kinda puts things in perspective.

Food was quite a big thing over the weekend given that at least 6 restaurant visits were made. When you’re served food like this though it does kinda make sense:

And what better to accompany good food? Good conversation. And we had a VERY generous helping of that. Genuinely if you took a transcript of what myself, Hughie and Niamh talked about over the weekend, you’d have a book co-authored by the three of us entitled “Life”. No stone was left unturned: Sarah Palin and the US Presidential race, what there is to love about Dublin, what there is to hate about Dublin, a bit of bitching, the oddness that is the relationship of Starsky and Hutch and how none of us would ever allow ourselves to get into that situation (and no, it’s not about the TV show/movie), expectations about the Erasmus year and the meaning of friendship to name but a few topics of discussion.

I arrived on Friday night at about midnight but Hughie wasn’t arriving til Saturday evening. So it gave myself and Niamh a good chance to do the touristy thang.
Here’s me shaking my tail feather in Plaza Mayor during the day:

Here’s the same place by night:

Pretty, much??

Pretty, much??

I gotta say the Salamenticenses (People or things from Salamanca – take that English students!!) have a pretty good sense of humour.

When restoring this beast of a cathedral…

…they decided to go a little bit mad with the stone work:

Yes that is a dragon with an ice cream

Yes that is a dragon with an ice cream

and that's an astronaut

and that is an astronaut

There’s also a local legend that if you find the frog in the stone work on one of the external walls of the university unaided then you’ll have seven years of good luck. Ask any student and they’ll tell you that it’s actually seven years good sex.

I was searching for quite a while

I was searching for quite a while

it was actually in such an obvious spot

I'd been staring about a foot to the right of it for a good 5 minutes before seeing it

The trio (Niamh, Hughie and I) were reunited on Saturday evening and we were all ready for the fun to begin.

But as I mentioned in the title of this post it was a “very mature weekend”. Why? I managed to spend the entire weekend without getting crazy drunk (that’s not to say I wasn’t merry!) and we didn’t set foot into a single club given how good the banter was between us. I’ve kinda come to feel recently that I’m not enjoying club nights as much as I used to. I still enjoy them no doubt but nights in with good mates, good banter and good food really is a hard thing to beat. I suppose it’s the product of being a Celtic Tiger Cub. For me and so many others my age going out at least once a week is was the norm (we’re in a recession now don’cha know?) so having a night in by choice – as opposed to due to exhaustion, hangovers, etc. – is, I suppose, a somewhat alien concept!

Sunday night Ger’s dad very generously treated us to dinner which we followed with a few drinks in the Plaza Mayor and the aforementioned trio continued on in the Erasmus bar. Look how happy we are:

note: A couple of jugs of sangría and tanques of beer/glasses of wine may have been consumed at this point

And now I need to make my thank yous. Thank you to:

  • Ger, Niamh and Trish for offering up their abode to myself and Hughie
  • Trish for personally giving up her bedroom for the weekend (you were missed but I hope you had a great time in Alicante!)
  • Niamh for her fantastic tour-guide skills and much appreciated personal shopper assistance
  • Cormac Farrell for a seriously good dinner (first time I’ve properly had red meat since coming to Spain and it was goooooooood)
  • Hughie and Niamh for the great conversation
  • Salamanca for being a hoot

Thanks shall not, however, be made to Alsa for arriving late into Madrid on the outward journey or RENFE for arriving late into Madrid on the homeward journey and stressing the bejayzus outta me in fear that I’d miss my connecting transport.

A good weekend? Indeedee. Hasta luego, Salamanca.


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  1. Hahaha…oh my gosh, David…that was such a funny blog! And thank you so much for coming to Salamanca all the way from Granada, I had a fantastic weekend!! I laughed so much this weekend 😀 And I do love spending other peeps moolah, haha! Yay for the Starsky and Hutch mention!!

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