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I am growing a moustache this year for Movember. I have decided to put down my razor for one month (November) and help raise awareness and funds for men’s health – specifically prostate cancer.

What many people don’t appreciate is that men have a 1 in 12 chance of developing prostate cancer during the course of their lifetime and that prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men, after skin cancer in Ireland. Facts like these have convinced me I should get involved and I am hoping that you will support me.

To donate to my Mo, you can either:

• Click this link and donate online using your credit card or debit card
• Write a cheque payable to ‘Irish Cancer Society’ referencing my Registration Number 49508 and mailing it to: Movember – Irish Cancer Society, 43/45 Northumberland Road, Dublin 4, Ireland

Movember is now in its second year here in Ireland and, the first year already saw some great results by working alongside The Irish Cancer Society. Check out further details at:

If you are interested in following the progress of my Mo, click Also, has heaps of useful information.

Thank you

Save the Clones!!!

A couple of years ago a TV show was taken off the air for an “offensive” portrayal of Ghandi. It was one of the greatest TV shows ever made.

It’s time to Save Clone High bring Clone High back from the dead

Save Clone High, a petition website

Groove-ing to the Armada

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Get the track for yourself and start sharing

Click on the link above to get a free Groove Armada track!! Woop woop! Legal free music. Ya gotta love it!

Worth Yelle-ing about

Forgot that I never got around to writing up about the Yelle concert back in December

I’ll let the videos speak for themselves:

Psychotic warm up band, Putilatex, performing “Mira Una Moderna”



Yelle’s entrance, “Tristesse / Joie”




Yelle – “Dans Ta Vrai Vie”



Yelle – “Je Veux Te Voir”




Yelle – “Ce Jeu”





Yelle – [dunno what track this is….]



Yelle – “A Cause Des Garcons (original and TEPR mix)” and “Mon meilleur ami”



Yelle – Some crazy ass drumming



Yelle – “Amour du Sol”



Crazy transgender DJs partying it up big style


À toute à l’heure, Yelle.

This is a full on musical revolution!

Spotify is a SERIOUS development in the music world.

With a very iTunes-like look this allows you to browse for and play full length songs in incredibly decent quality for free (with the ocassional ad in between – or so I’m told – I still haven’t heard a single ad and I’ve been using it 2 weeks!).  Think of it like searching a youtube for music where you have access to albums, singles, b-sides, compilations…….

The Free version is only available in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the UK, France and Spain. So if you currently are in any of the aforementioned countries you can set it up there. The good thing is that once you have your account set up you can use it globally but you HAVE to start your account while on the soil of one of the aforementioned countries. It’s on an invite only basis at the moment and lucky for you guys, I have 4 invites to give away!

First 4 people to comment the page get them!

Hypothetical situation #28


So I’m probably writing this cuz the paracetamol I’ve taken for “symptom control” of my current viral infection have left me feeling a little woop woop woop woop woop


I was thinking, if I was to ever find myself in a zombie movie, I’d totally be the character who gets eaten alive by his best-friend-turned-zombie. I suppose that’s my weird way of saying I’ve recently become aware of just how awesome my friends and family are and how much they mean to me and how no matter what, whether live or reanimated dead, I could never “destroy the brain” of a single one of them.

I have got to stop watching zombie movies.

I would recommend “REC”, Channel 4’s mini-series “Dead Set”, George A Romero’s “Trilogy of the Dead” and for pure comedic value “Flight of the Living Dead”